David S Mitchell

Hello and thanks for popping by my web page for my writing projects. I am a newly 'rebooted' Scottish writer hoping to create many tales and share with the reading community. I like to write stories exploring the ancient past, colourful presents and potential futures. It always fun to visit different genres especially in flash fiction. I also like to encourage people to try creative writing.

I am interested in the small web - keeping websites safe, uncluttered and text focussed. See here if you want to know more on that topic.


I regularly add new flash fiction on this page.
Thoughts on recent reads and listens on my Casterbridge site.

More about me

I enjoy gardening, cycling, long walks and spotting birds on the coast whilst dreaming up new story ideas. Other interests include audio books, veganism, outdoors, spirituality, retro computers, a little gaming and gardening. Guilty of minor ukulele crimes.

My main homepage covering a variety of topics.


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National Novel Writing Month
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