The Pebble Shore

Hello and thanks for popping by my web page for my writing projects. I am a Scottish writer hoping to create many tales and share with the reading community. I like to write stories exploring the ancient past, colourful presents and potential futures. It always fun to visit different genres especially in flash fiction. I also like to encourage people to try creative writing.

I picked up creative writing as a hobby by accident. When I was trying to get back into reading more a few years ago, I reasoned it would be a good plan to get inside a writer’s head to get more out of a book. I listened to many hours of writing podcasts and that gave me an itch to have a go at it myself.

On the technical side, I am interested in the small web - keeping websites fast, safe, uncluttered and text focussed. Tools for writing stories are great but I keep them to a minimum. I like books in physical and electronic form. The latter is far easier for a hobbyist writer to produce and I have high hopes for future technologies to present ebooks to us in transformed incarnations.

Have a great 2024!