Blog Post : Micro Blogging

I enjoy this website which is built with Jekyll. It is techinically pleasing but maybe not the simplest solution for small updates such a Twitter/X style microblogging. Each post has bit of overhead. It’s not just type and publish.

I joined Twitter when it was fairly new and it was a lot of fun back then. Had some good interactions and made so good internet friends who I am still in touch with today.

It was fun putting a short thought together, trimming the word count and putting it out there. Sometimes getting a reaction or two. Sometimes not. For this site I feel I need to have a complete story to do an update. This is why it has been so quiet at times. I am looking at a solution for micro blogging that I will link to from this site. It may be only me who reads it but that’s okay.

Mastodon, Twitter, Threads etc. are all good but I like adding things to my own website. We like to craft our own things. Just because.