Second Date With A Witch

[ Author’s note - this story idea was generated by rolling some Story Cubes. ]

I am more nervous than usual. A second date with Lauren feels unreal. I hope she doesn’t find me boring. What gift you get a witch? I grew up in the city surrounded by the regular folk of craft guilds and not in touch with nature. It wasn’t until I travelled I met the various magic folks.

I settled on a mixed bunch of unusual flowers from the cart of a travelling merchant, turning down the additional enchantment option. He was easily haggled down to half the price.

Standing on her doorstep, I took a deep breath, knocked and tapped my foot. The door opened wide and Lauren’s gnome bowed and invited me in. I had put one foot over the threshold when I saw a spark of a wand and a blinding flash. I was on the ground.

Another smaller flash went over me and the bunch of flowers shot off down the garden path before bursting into deep red flames. The back of my head hurt. I would have a bruise the size of an apple. Flowers were a bad gift idea then? I had rolled the dice and killed this romance. I closed my eyes trying to compose myself to flee to the tavern to drown my sorrows with ale.

A hurried kiss on the forehead woke me up. Lauren leant over me looking troubled.

“Oh Albert, I am so sorry. So sorry. I couldn’t let those flowers cross the threshold. I sensed what they were. You would not have known. They come from a far off land and bring a fungus that drains magic from a household and seven miles beyond. My mother is very frail and needs the restorative power of the forest. It would have killed her.”

With help from Lauren, I got up. Her gnome reappeared with a glass of water. I was lost for words and gulped it down, not making eye contact.

“Guess that’s tonight over then Albert? Probably us too?”

I suddenly came to my senses. It was quite clear what to do.

“Grab your sword. We’ve an adventure to go on. I suspect that merchant knew what he was doing. We will burn all those wretched flowers and keep all you magical folk safe. Good gnome, please fetch the fastest horses.”

Lauren looked at me impressed and excited. This relationship was going to work out after all.