Back On The Island

“Three days. Just three days back on this island and you’ve had the police round asking questions, there’s talk all over and you’ve told me nothing. Always some scheme or trouble when you are around. Do you enjoy living in this chaos? Why do I let you through my door?”

“I guess to liven up your dull life. But you are in luck, tonight I just want to stay in enjoy the quiet life and drink a single whisky. Who knows maybe I am changing my ways? Your good influence finally rubbing off on me. I admire your life. I really do.”

“Don’t mock me.”

“I’m not. Truly. You’ve worked hard. This cottage is a lovely quaint home and you have stability. You’ve had that same job since we were kids.”

“I own the shop now. You could have had a settled life too. If you wanted it.”

“I did. I do. But… we all want to rock the boat, kick over the ants’ nest, light the fire, wake the sleeping dog… even you just a little. Just more of an irresistible compulsion for me. Don’t tell me you never daydream of shaking things up. We all do. I am not content with the status quo.”

“Maybe I am playing the long game with your ‘quo’. Maybe that’s my revolutionary daydream.”

Moments of silence passed. The whisky was sipped.

“Maybe that’s why I come to visit you”, he said with a rare honest tone.