The Shrouded Throne By Steven D. Jackson

A while ago, I appealed for book suggestions on Twitter (as it was called then). The author pinged me with a suggestion of The Shrouded Throne and (though I don’t read much fantasy) I soon picked up a copy. This will be a spoiler free review.

The book is set in a single city so it is easy to pick up the lore and not get lost in lands, people and histories. The story is based around apprentice mages who are about to graduate into the real world where magic is generally distrusted but, as it is useful, kept under control by those in power. Events soon kick off and doesn’t really slow down until the last chapter. Our young little band of heroes are soon thrust into a plot to take control of the throne, as well as dealing with the tricky business of growing up.

So to summarise this little review, an accessible and enjoyable fantasy magic adventure that even irregular visitors to the genre will enjoy. I am really glad I read it as my NaNoWriMo novel this year is very likely to have a fantasy setting. Hope there is more in this series.