A blue crate full of books

A Day Off

It’s the end of the world and I have the day off. Day after day of scavenging, zombie skull battering and avoiding unsavory types wears you out. Despite living solo (once again), my stash is in a good state, the shelter is secure and no recent injuries, so I am enjoying the moment and having a proper rest.

No plans for the day yet. I could try the radio again. Did I keep that deck of cards? I’ll find out once this tea brews. The blue crate has some paperbacks. Almost everyone reads now. Helps escape from the chaos and pass the time.

With friendlies, you can trade novels once food and equipment are dealt with. Maybe I should write down my story. In a hundred years, when things are rebuilt, it could be a classic text. Must find paper that will last like those ancient manuscripts. Good ink too.

I have a catchy title; ‘Regrets: How I Created A Zombie Virus’. I wonder if anyone would believe me.