A blue crate full of books

First Day On The Job

“Come sit down my dear brother. You must be tired. How was you first day as a fully qualified wizard? I’ll take your staff and hat. Soup in half an hour.”

“Thank you Meridith. My day was a little slow to start with but by the afternoon I had undone numerous hexed items and lifted an invisibility spell from an incredibly old but much-loved cat. Some clients remarked on my youthful appearance. I should grow my beard longer. It would help with credibility. My rivals look much older and wiser.”

“Erodun, I am so proud of you for making this career change. All those years of study. Those months of sitting in a cold dark cave. And that quest you never talk about too.”

“Ah yes. That quest. One day I will tell you. I don’t keep secrets from you, dear sister. There are just tales I am not ready to tell. That reminds me, first thing tomorrow there’s a delegation from the adventurers’ guild needing shields enchanted. They pay well.”

“Mother would have been so proud to see your success.”

“Father would not. He tried to beat the magic out of me so many times. No wonder an evil spirit took him from this world.“

“Shame that you had to waste ten years as a blacksmith until then.”

“No shame in an honest trade, sister. Taught me patience. Made me a better wizard.”

With a satisfied smile, Meridith looked at her dear brother then glanced at the spot in front of the fire where, years ago, she had performed the forbidden rite to summon the demon from the shadow realm. As she had watched her father being pulled through the red glowing portal by the black clawed hands, she had felt no fear even as a child.

She would keep her dark magic practise rare and secret, and let her brother do good in the open.